Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Captain James T. Kirk
Starship Enterprise

“to boldly split infinitives that no man had split before”

Doug Adams

About Your Chief Leaper

Leaping isn’t easy. It is dirty. Risky. Fraught with mistakes. Leap anyway. I did. I do. You should too.

I believe in God.

I believe in bravery.

I believe in guts.

I believe in risks.

I believe in love.

I believe in freedom, and with that, freedom of speech.

I believe in being humble, because, sometimes, that’s the bravest, boldest, gutsiest, riskiest, strongest, most faith-driven action there is. Just being is leaping.

I speak freely and sometimes that requires bravery, but I have faith in God, so sometimes, I must be braver than I’d prefer. I love winning and sometimes, that takes guts. I might not always win, and sometimes I might lose, but that’s the risk.

Failure happens and so does victory. Sometimes, neither is in our control, but we must try anyway.

Who Am I?

​I’m Anthony Trendl, a writer out of Atlanta. I write speeches for clients who take risks and want to say something well. Beyond that, I also write silly short stories and drink lots of coffee (here’s a coffee pic).

I created this site out of my own leaping, after reading a Samuel Tombs quote regarding Brexit. I’ve no opinion in that matter. I thought “leap into the unknown,” grooved with me as a concept.

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